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Pricing and Promotional offers: Pricing is based on the exact time the order is placed. Coincide with order confirmation time stamp. Due to manufacturer pricing updates, promotional limitations and/or available stock, we can not honor post dated or pre dated pricing. Promotional items are sold or given away based on available inventory, as listed. I agree prices may change at any time without notice. All listed prices are in US Dollars (USD).

Coupons and Vouchers: Coupons and voucher are only applicable to the products value. Not to shipping and/or taxes. Coupons and vouchers are only valid when used under the terms of the purchase. Only 1 Coupon or Voucher can be used oer order.

Product Information: Product information is provided by the manufacturers. I agree FitnessONE takes no responsibility for the accuracy or validity of statements issued by these manufacturers or products.

Product Regulation/limitation: It is the sole responsibility of the consumer to know their Country, State and Provincial regulations and restrictions on product ingredients. FitnessONE can and may remove items that are deemed as "regulated" or "restricted" from customer orders. These items will be credited back including any applicable tax to the original purchasing credit card. I agree FitnessONE is not responsible for variance in currency or conversion rates.

Credit Card terms of use: I confirm the billing address I provided on my payment method is the same address that my card issuer has on file for me. I understand that the verification of this address is important to the security and fraud prevention of this transaction. I do not hold FitnessONE responsible for any pre-authorizations my card issuer may temporarily post to the account that are done so upon providing in-accurate address and/or card code on this order. I also understand that if my card issuer is unable or unwilling to verify this information, my order may be canceled and credited to maintain my security in accordance with "good practice" and "internet fraud prevention" guidelines set forth by the card processor.

Notification: FitnessONE will notify customers within 24 business hours of any variant or limitation in stock availability or shipment, based on the contact information provided with the order. I agree, if no correspondence is received within 72 business hours following, these items can and may be refunded and/or order canceled.

Transport and Logistics: FitnessONE will make every effort to expedite all orders in a reasonable time. I understand that FitnessONE is not responsible for transit errors or delays by the shipper I selected. I confirm the address information I provided on my order to be accurate.

Shipping Damage and Loss: I understand that, on rare occasion, shipping damage or loss may occur. FitnessONE will process any claims and reships based on the clerical times from each individual carrier accordingly. I Agree to retain any and all of the damaged items and packaging for inspection by the carrier.

Transport Damage Caused by Weather: I understand any damage that is caused by weather including excessive heat is not the responsibility of FitnessONE. Any damage in these situations is referred to the carrier and subject to that carriers policies and procedures.

Free Sample(s)/ Gifts: The free samples (or "Free gift") are provided by our vendors and vary by available supply and quantity. We make a dedicated effort to supply samples to everyone. The amount of samples a customer may receive is not a reflection of the order size or value. We make an effort to get all samples to all our customers regardless of order size.

By agreeing to these terms, I also certify that I am 18 years of age or older. I confirm the information in my order to be accurate.


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